Special Features


Special construction technology which allows rider agile and comfortable movements. Product with this icon was produced with use of special panels in innovative elastomer material combined with polyamide yarns and x-stretch fabric to guarantee optimal comfort.

Removalbe lining

The inner layers of this product can be removed and washed separately to maintain proper hygiene of the garment.


SPYKE clothing with thermal feature offers warmth and comfort without adding weight to the product. Their special paddings provide high resistance and major breathability without absorbing water or humidity.

Reinforced threads

Seams reinforced with heavy-duty yarns which add durability to most abrasion and tension-stressed parts of the garment.

Safety seams

This product was made with safety seams construction according to EN17092:2020 standard.

Slim fit

This garment has a closer fit and modern cut to provide superior performance while riding.

Lady fit

SPYKE women’s garments are designed to give a comfortable riding experience and maximum safety without sacrificing your look. Thanks to the special cut of the product, lines which are following feminine shapes, the adjustable velcro straps, the belts to enhance the waistline, SPYKE apparel with Lady Fit is more adapted to the women’s silhouette.

Dry tecno

Dry Tecno is a technology used by SPYKE to protect the rider from rain and wind. The unique structure of polyurethane resin membrane (PU) absorbs and drives out sweat, while membrane keep its waterproof properties and provide maximum protection from external elements. It strongly reduces the risk of condensation from excessive sweat and contributes to maintain the natural skin temperature.

Air tech

Thanks to extended net inserts or breathable perforated leather, SPYKE products with AIR TECH technology, guarantee correct ventilation. Perforated inserts help to transfer excessive body heat outside of the garment.

Air structure

Lining of the product was made of 3D mesh fabric. This solution permit better circulation of the air around the rider’s body, which result in increased breathability.


Zones with reflective prints for better visibility.

Laminated layers

Two or more layers of material, each of which has its own purpose, are fused together through a direct-pressure process. This procedure imports benefits like added strength, durability, or a combination of properties such as waterproofing and puncture resistance.

Forced vent

To increase body cooling in this product was used system of ventilation with increased sweat evaporation ability to reduce tiredness and maximize comfort while riding.

Zero black

Product with Zero Black label are available in full black color version.


CE marking on a product means that it has been submitted to an EU examination assessment in accordance with the requirements in the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and has been granted a 2nd CAT. PPE (Personal Protective Equipments).


Special Dakar collection, Dakar official product.