Dynamic 360.0

Dynamic 360.0

Dynamic 360.0: the rider's movement is "mapped". To achieve perfection.

Dynamic 360.0 is the future for a rider in action. A great project combining Spyke's technology and experience to come into action, on two-wheels. Each product is born from bio-mechanic mapping that Spyke performed during the physical activity of who is racing on bike. Observing and studying each movement to make products giving the best technical response to any specific need of a rider. Each jacket, each pair of pants, each glove has an area which is anatomically compatible with the shapes of his body, in action; it moves with him, follows his dynamism, helps his body to keep the most correct position throughout his performance.

The body of the rider moves with the bike. It begs for support. It begs for breath. It begs for protection. We listened to it.

It moves, accelerates, leans, sweats, faces rain, wind, heat. None of these moments is the same. No part of the rider's body begs for the same response. His specialist clothing must respond in this way: in a different way according to the bio-mechanical needs of his body during physical activity. Spyke collection with Dynamic 360.0 technology is the result of tests performed on our champions: an innovative garment construction philosophy, combining different fabrics, having specific technical features, different one from the other, to respond to any muscle, any movement. any season or road. Such a result could only be achieved in this way: through bio-mechanic analysis which allowed us to place the seams and design the products aiming to the specific goal to achieve maximum fit, best comfort and best performance of the concerned muscular mass.

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